Practicing Rails Is Now Available!

Practicing Rails, my book on learning Rails without being overwhelmed, is now available. And you can still get 25% off until 11:59 PM Thursday night! (Pacific time)

Pick it up here:

A little background:

While I’ve written here, I’ve heard from so many people who have gone through introductory Rails books and videos, have learned the different parts of Rails, but still can’t get beyond the tutorial Rails apps.

They heard it was supposed to be fun, but it was actually just frustrating. They didn’t know where to start. The things they learned didn’t stick with them. They couldn’t spend time learning consistently enough to grow as a Rails developer. Most of all, they were overwhelmed, because the space of possibilities in front of them seemed too big.

Tutorials seem so easy when they’re words on a page. But when you try to transform your ideas into code, all you feel is stress, frustration, and fear. You don’t have the time to learn it all over again, so did you spend that time reading for nothing? Did you waste all that money you spent on bootcamps and video courses?

Practicing Rails will give you the processes, the structure, and the help you need to finally become the Rails developer you know you should be.

If you want to build a new Rails app from the ideas you have in your head…

Learn step-by-step ways to test your code easily and efficiently

Know what to do when your apps blow up, and you have no idea how to fix them…

Know *which parts of Rails to learn *now **, and what you can put off until later…

Get just the important information out of the noisy Rails community…

And keep your motivation fired up, so you can turn mastering Rails into a habit you’ll actually keep…

This book is written for you.

Start Practicing Rails here.

P.S. At 11:59 PM on February 12th, the price will go up. So if you want to transform from a tutorial-follower to an app-builder, now’s the best time to buy.

Pushing through tutorials, and still not learning anything?

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