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When I get a chance, I love to do interviews, videos, speak, and write guest articles. Here’s a collection of other places you can find me:

Conference Talks

Podcast Interviews

  • On the Ruby on Rails Podcast, episode #163, Sean and I talked about this site, and how I manage to post in-depth articles so consistently.
  • On Episode #11 of Developer Tea, you can hear me explain why you should choose Ruby as a language to learn and love, and a development strategy I’ve used in almost everything I’ve learned so far.
  • On Episode #13 of the Stacking the Bricks Podcast, you’ll hear about the processes I’ve used to write better articles, faster, where to find ideas for your articles, topics, and projects, how the launch of Practicing Rails went, and what I’d do differently next time.
  • On Episode #185 of the Ruby on Rails podcast, you’ll learn how to start testing when you’ve just learned how to code, how testing (and pairing) can get you started, and keep you pointed in the right direction, front-end JavaScript frameworks, and where they make sense to use, and how much time is enough to spend on learning Rails (and how you can find it).
  • On Episode #271 of the Ruby Rogues podcast, you’ll learn that the problems new developers think they have aren’t the ones they should be solving – and which problems they should be concentrating on instead.

Written Interviews

  • GeekWire named me their “Geek of the Week”, where you can read about my thoughts on software development, writing, how I learn new things, and my favorite videogame of all time.

Guest Articles